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Darcy Bussell - "Manhandled"

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I recently watched a program about Darcy Bussell, parts of which disturbed me or made me uncomfortable. She discusses having to be "manhandled" during a rehearsal for "Manon". Then, she and a Russian dancer are interviewed about the propriety or impropriety of his kisses during a rehearsal. Have any dancers discussed in interviews or books issues such as this? I am going to post a similar question on BT4D.

Maybe I am just now responding to it because I recently read an article that struck a raw nerve, about how people have to put up with unwanted touches, glances, inquiries, and other behaviors at work, solely to be able to continue to have a job and pay the rent. I cannot imagine being in a profession that demands constant, unwanted physical connections or attention. I have long wondered how dancers endure it.

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