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Farley Granger has died at the age of 85:


Nice to see his obit referencing his longtime partner, Robert Calhoun. (Granger and Calhoun worked together on As the World Turns during the 1980s. Calhoun was a producer and Granger played one of Eileen Fulton's many husbands. Granger was still extremely handsome even then.)

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This is sad news. I just watched him in the classic film "Strangers on a Train" with Robert Walker. Mr. Granger was so handsome and a very good actor. I didn't know he had been on a soap opera. Thank you for the information. Rest in peace, Mr. Granger, and thanks for the memories.

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Thank you for posting this news, miliosr. Sorry to hear it.

I had trouble with him in “Senso,” if only because the voice didn’t match up and it tended to place the drama at a remove for me in his scenes. He looked terrific, though. He was a little on the squishy side for my taste, but he was perfectly cast in “Strangers on a Train” and as the weaker half of the murderous pair in “Rope.” (He also showed spine in taking that part; Cary Grant and Montgomery Clift turned the movie down, made nervous by the implications of homosexuality in the subject matter.) I liked him in “They Live By Night,” as well, an appealing performance. I would be interested to know more about his stage work.

Of all his credits in his later career, he was especially proud of his role in Lanford Wilson’s off-Broadway play “Talley & Son,” which garnered Mr. Granger an Obie Award in 1986.


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He was fine playing the heavy in The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, too...though the movie itself was not one of my favorites. What a versatile actor. I agree, dirac, Granger was marvelous in Strangers on a Train and Rope - he had such a wonderful chemistry with his partner in the latter (John Dall).

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You're right, Jane, I'd forgotten that one, too.

Some nice photos and two trailers illustrate this articlein French.

Dix ans plus tard, alors que son étoile brille au firmament d’Hollywood, Granger quitte la Californie pour se mettre à vraiment apprendre son métier, à New York, avec Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg et Sanford Meisner. À sa carrière hollywoodienne, il ajoute une carrière théâtrale à Broadway, ainsi qu’à la télévision.
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