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Ballet Legend and “Most Beautiful Woman In New York” Helene Alexopoulo

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This is my first posting here. I work with a Wyckoff, NJ jeweler named Devon Fine Jewelry, and one of the true greats of 20th Century ballet has agreed to speak at a fundraising event we're sponsoring. Here are the details:

Helene Alexopoulos Warrick, revered as one of the most extraordinary ballerinas of the 20th Century, will be making a rare appearance as she gives a talk as part of the upcoming “Gems of the Dance”event.

Helene Alexopoulos Warrick, one of the most admired, beautiful, sensual and dramatic ballet dancers of the 20th century is going to be speaking at “Gems of the Dance, Uniting the Arts for a Better World,” on Saturday, April 2nd at the Brick House in Wyckoff, NJ.

Gems of the Dance is being staged through a partnership between Devon Fine Jewelry and the Wyckoff School of Dance. Tickets to the event are $50. The money raised will go to the Devon Foundation, which is dedicated to teaching people of the developing world the skills needed to take advantage of their gem resources.

Alexopoulos was a principal dancer for one of the world's leading companies, the New York City Ballet, for 24 years. As The New York Times noted when she retired in 2002, “Blessed with a natural glamor that fills the stage, Helene Alexopoulos's dancing in the New York City Ballet has been a study in contrasts. At her most subdued, she radiates a compelling sense of mystery. At her most dramatic, she moves boldly, even brazenly, exuding passion with either humor or sensuality.”

In a field where beauty is common, Alexopoulos was and still is noted for her grace and appeal. “When I first saw her dancing, I thought Helene was the most beautiful woman in New York City. Nothing has happened over the years to change that opinion,” Philip Gardner, publisher of respected dance blog Oberon's Grove, said recently.

Like many ballerinas, Alexopoulos feels dance was a great gift in her life. Always respected for her great intelligence as well as dancing abilities, she will speak about the ways that the discipline and focus required to make a good dancer also help give people superb life skills and an excellent foundation for future success.

For more information, please call Devon Fine Jewelry at 201-848-8489 or visit the store’s website, www.devonfinejewelry.com. There are regular New Jersey Transit trains to Ridgewood, and cab service is available.

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