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Micheline Bardin & Max Bozzoni

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The news photo scanned here is dated Feb. '48 - nine months before the two pictured dancers performed in NYC with their company at City Center.

The captioning, which misspells Bardin's name, notes promotions of some sort, but the specific levels are unclear since the wording says only "ballet leads.'

The poses for this photo seem likely those related to Lifar's choreography.

The house program I have of the NYC season has both appearing in Lifar's LE CHEVALIER ET LA DEMOISELLE (Bardin as Un Berger"; Bozzoni as one of three "Chevaliers"), in LES MIRAGES (Bardin as "La Femme"; Bozzoni as "Le Marchand") as well as in SUITE EN BLANC (both are listed among the leading women and leading men, respectively).

Additionally both were cast in Balanchine's LE PALAIS DE CRISTAL (Bardin in the 3rd movement, opposite Michel Renault; Bozzoni in the 4th, opposite Madeleine Lafon).

post-848-002525400 1299887051_thumb.jpg

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