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New solodanser at RDB

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Marcin Kupinski was just promoted to solodanser at the end of the first night of the new production of A Folktale, in which he danced Junker Ove.

It's the first time I've been there for an on-stage promotion and it's really a nice way to do it. The standing ovation from the audience must be very sweet but I'd guess that the whoops and cheers from the rest of the company after the final curtain must be sweeter still!

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Here is the word from Nikolaj Hübbe to Marcin....

Artistic director, Nikolaj Hübbe:

“Marcin Kupinsky is one of the most artistically cultivated and aristocratic male dancers fostered by the Royal Danish Ballet in years. He has the most beautiful, clean lines and proportions that render him into the role of ballet prince, perfectly easy and naturally so. With a focus in particular on the last two seasons, Marcin Kupinsky’s enviable technical improvements have allowed him to make a rare, artistic development of superb expression and maturity – a real Danseur Noble. I am truly happy and very proud to present a dancer of such calibre within the Royal Danish Ballet, because Marcin Kupinsky IS the very essence embodiment of classical ballet. On a personal note, Marcin Kupinsky is one of the most kind and agreeable humans I have ever had the pleasure of working with. With a fine mindfulness and a to-and-through amiable behaviour, he fully matches a human character as “a Prince among Men”.

Marcin Kupinski was born in Poland in January 1983 and received his training at the National Ballet School in Gdansk. He joined the Royal Danish Ballet in 2002, was promoted to soloist in 2010 and to principal dancer in 2011.

Among his most important principal parts at the Royal Danish Ballet is; Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, Prince Albrecht in Giselle, James in La Sylphide, principal male in Etudes and Prince in The Nutcracker.

This summer Marcin Kupinski is going on tour to the US with the rest of the company.

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