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Marie Vernon

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Marie Vernon, Theophile Gautier's goddaughter, was a pupil of Louis F. Gosselin, Marie Taglioni and Mme Dominque in the Opera's ballet school. She made her debut in 1862, when she signed her contract. Perhaps most notably she took on the part of Fanella in La Muette de Portici, in the wake of Emma Livry's tragic death from burns sustained in a stage fire. Mlle Vernon first danced Fanella on January 19, 1863 [all this according to The Paris Opera, An Encyclopedia of Operas, Ballets, Composers, and Performers, Growth and Grandeur 1815-1914 (M-Z) by Spire Pitou.]

the attached scans show the cards front and back.

post-848-020963000 1299722690_thumb.jpg

post-848-055056000 1299722706_thumb.jpg

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On January 30, 1865, Adolphe Gaïffe married the goddaughter of Eugenie Fort and Théophile Gautier, Marie-Eugenie Renom, then 19 years old and met one year earlier: her great beauty and delicacy of mind have made him - for the remainder of its life - passionately in love. Marie-Eugenie progressed there as ballet dancer with L’OPERA under the pseudonym of Marie Vernon. Because of her marriage, she soon left the Opéra, to the great regret of her admirers. The young couple left Paris for Maisons-sur-Seine (now Maisons-Laffitte) in order to raise their future children in the fresh air there. In fact, from this happy and faithful union would be born three children: Jean, Daniel and Louise.


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