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Igor Youskevitch

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scan of an oddly trimmed, creased, undated photo of Igor Youskevitch (autographed in '57) and presumably used, from a photo caption pasted on the back, in a Cuban newspaper.

the danseur noble's stance and demeanor strike be as notably noble.

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a Cuban-born colleague now living in NYC has sent a scan of a photo of Youskevitch & Alonso in The Black Swan Pas de Deux, with the following background information:

<< photo of the Black Swan Pas de Deux. [Youskevitch] performed with [Alonso] on Cuban T.V. on May 2, 1956. It was the first time classical ballet was presented on T.V. Alberto Alonso´s choreography [had been seen] on T.V.since 1953 (when television in Cuba started), [but it] had always been on popular themes with salsa music.>>

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