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Kristoffer Sakurai

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Yesterday I saw "Dans to go" and after the performance I heard that this evening was Kristoffer Sakurais last performance.

He is no longer a balletdancer at the RDB.

I heard that he has stoppet dancing due to his many injuries.

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Oh no, Joan. I so admired Sakurai's dancing during the last Bournonville Festival and was looking forward to seeing him 'live' once again in Washington, DC, this summer. What a shame. I hope that he'll be happy in his new endeavors, whatever they may be.

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What sad, sad news! I had hoped to see him back, as he was one of the most exquisite dancers in the RDB. Among other qualities he has always had the most beautiful way of bearing his upper body and arms, and everything in his dancing has always been extremely graceful and pure, very pleasing to the eye.

Like you, Natalia, I enjoyed his dancing during the Bournonville Festival in 2005, which was about the time he was announced principal dancer. One just wanted to see more of him! I still vividly remember a breathtaking series of battements and batteries (and what else you call the quick foot work in the Bournonville style) in the class room part of "The Conservatoire", which he did with extreme delicacy and swiftness. It is strange how such short moments can live on in one's memeory. And I still treasure some videoclips with him, among other things in the tarantel from Napoli in a transmission from the annual summer ballet event in the Copenhagen citadel.

I'm really sorry for him and I hope, he will find new ways of fullfillment in life. A big thank to him for the many fine experiences he has given us, the audience, in his regrettably short career!

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Eva Kistrup has written some very nice and very precise lines in her blog about Kritsoffer Sakurai on the occasion of his official resignment from the company. It is near the end of the article under the sub-headline The Lost Prince:

"The lost prince"

Whoa....I just saw the note beneath the paragraph on Sakurai - Yao Wei is leaving too? To head the ballet academy in Beijing? She was absolutely my favorite RDB ballerina. Sakurai & Wei both leaving constitutes a one-two punch.

And I just bought my tickets to the RDB performances in DC, thinking that I'd finally get to see her dance again.

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