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Graphic Memoir, "To Dance"

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Through a link, I stumbled upon information and links about a graphic memoir for children called "To Dance." It is from 2006, by Siena Cherson Siegel with illustrations by her husband, Marc Siegel. From what's available of the text and illustrations on Amazon, it looks lovely. Siena Cherson Siegel studied at SAB, danced briefly with NYCB until she was injured.

This is a link to the Amazon Page, It got very nice reviews from Peter Boal and Terry Teachout among others.

I found it very indirectly, through this page, from "The Daily Cross Hatch" which has this wonderful quote from Siena's husband, Marc Siegel, about how he came to love ballet:

What happened with the ballet thing is I had a moment…Sienna pops in this tape of old black and white footage of Don Quixote. It was Suzanne Farrell as Dulcinea and George Balanchine as Don Quixote — him walking almost in slow motion and she’s doing this incredible dance all around him and [knowing some of the background of the performers] — I could feel that it was real. He was reaching for her and she just kept alluding him. The feeling was electrical it just shocked through my spine and I got it. What I felt just now is what gets someone hooked on ballet. And from that point on I was actually able to read ballets and from that point on I could get something from ballets, they could nourish me in a way they couldn’t before. And the reason is it doesn’t matter — it’s never going to be my favorite medium — but what came through that moment was the universal man-woman mystery, it’s human. It’s beyond whatever medium, it just comes through this moment, in this case ballet.
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