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Best kisses on stage

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I just saw a great performance of Romeo and Juliet by Ballet Theatre of Maryland. There were lots of great moments, but the thing I remember most were the beautiful, natural, intimate kisses that fit in perfectly with the choreography. They gave me a thrill and also made me want to look away to give the lovers their moment (which is funny when you think about it.) Kudos to the dancers for making me believe!

I'd love to hear others opinions on best kisses on stage. Please put this in the right forum, if there is one for this!

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I have an old videotape of The Royal Ballet doing MacMillan's R&J with Wayne Eagling and Alessandra Ferri - don't know the year offhand. The moment during the balcony pdd where he catches her hand, their eyes meet and he kisses her for the first time, is breathtaking. He literally lifts her off her feet and brings her to his lips. Ahhhh - so romantic!

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I've really enjoyed these posts.

Ksk04, you're right - very impressive! These really elevate them to another level - kiss as an art form.

And yet the other posts seem to indicate there's still a lot to be said for when a kiss is just a kiss.

You know: the fundamental things applyy......:)

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