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Name of Dance Step

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I am watching a Mats Ek version of "Giselle." Repeatedly, dancers appear in a standing-seated position, almost squatting, or with their legs forming an upside down "u". Is there a name for this position?

Seated modern angst.

But sheriously, folksh. Ek is a modern choreographer and each choreographer forms their own language and steps, often borrowing from other styles and dance forms. Mats Ek likes this pose and position and uses it often. The closest you can come to terminology is a deep plie in second position from ballet, though he bastardises it by having the dancer stick his/her bum out slightly so it's as if they're sitting on an invisible chair, while the arms do all kinds of shenanigans, either resting on the inside of the knees, pointing towards another dancer etc

Very few techniques acutally have an official language or names for the steps and exercises: Graham, Cunningham, Humphrey all have deeply codified techniques and lexicons, Holm, Mattox, Taylor etc have definite movement techniques but the names of positions are more fluid.

Though when modern techniques borrow from ballet the translation in class terminology is often literal. A second position in ballet is a second position anywhere in the basic form, though what a modern choreographer lays on top is unique to each one.

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