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She was an amazing person with a lot of resilience. All the ups and downs of her career coupled with the horrors of the McCarthy era witch-hunting and she just kept going, full speed ahead. It must have taken a tremendous amount of energy and drive to keep reinventing herself the way she did.

I saw her when Follies was revived on Broadway about ten years ago, she played Hattie, who's big number is I'm Just a Broadway Baby, and she stopped the show with it. Doing the math, she must have been about 82 at the time

According to the press release, she was still teaching a musical comedy class. Somehow, I wasn't surprised. She evidently had a bottomless source of energy.

RIP, Betty.

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ITA richard53dog!

She was a marvelous talent who was never able to fulfill her enormous potential at M-G-M due to the blacklist. ( I think she would have been marvelous in the lead of Annie Get Your Gun once the studio had to remove Judy Garland from the film due to her drug-related problems.)

Still, she had a great second act in the 1970s on All In the Family and, more famously, Laverne & Shirley.

Sigh. There aren't many left from the M-G-M glory years -- Leslie Caron, Marge Champion, Jane Powell, Margaret O'Brien, Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor.

In any event, more Betty Garrett:


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I saw Ms. Garrett as Mr./Ms. Majyx in a local revival of My One and Only only a few years ago. She must have been well into her eighties by then and she was as bright and charismatic a performer as ever. It's really a shame that her career never had the chance to fully blossom as it should have. She will be missed.

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