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Renan Cerdeiro: "On the Rise: Brazilian Teen Leads MCB"


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Renan Cerdeiro, a new soloist at only 18, appears to be Edward Villella's Great Hope for the future of male dancing at MCB.

Jordan Levin of the Miami Herald interviewed Edward Villella, who describes Cerdeiro with a kind of enthusiasm I don't recall his expressing for any other dancer in the 10 years I've been following the company.:

He's an absolute treasure for us. ... He has a wonderful facility. He has dancer smarts and instincts. He learns quickly; he's very handsome. [ ... ] Outstanding. When we see talent that gets us excited, we don't wait..

Growing up in Brazil, Cerdeiro was motivated by videos of Fernando Bujones and by that dancer's success in North America.

Like Villella and others at the company, {Ballet Mistress Roma] Sosenko has remarked on Cerdeiro's uncanny resemblance to Fernando Bujones, the Cuban-American ballet superstar of the 1970s and '80s. Not only is there a close physical similarity — the same wide-shouldered but whippet-thin build; gold-brown coloring; lean, triangular face (and prominent ears) — but Bujones also vaulted to principal dancer at American Ballet Theater early, at 19. "Fernando went up like this, too. You can't stop them," Sosenko says. "When we got Renan and saw what he could do, we just kept him going and going."

Cerdeiro is preparing Cranko's Romeo and Juliet for Program IV in April, working with Katia Carranza. He's also rehearsing one of the male leads in Symphony in Three Movements and in Nine Sinatra Songs, both for Program III.

On the Rise: Brazilian Teen leads Miami City Ballet

Among the bits of news you can read between the lines:

-- Jeanette Delgado AND Patricia Delgado are also rehearsing Symphony in Three Movements. Jeanette will be returning after a long absence due to injury; Patricia had a foot injury on stage a couple of weeks ago that led her to cut short a performance of Western Symphony, Rondo. Hope all is back to normal for both. :thumbsup:

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