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miro magloire - why is his work so little known/performed?

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From Roslyln Sulcas piece in today's NY Times:

Why hasn’t Miro Magloire been offered more opportunities in the ballet world? Companies, after all, are always looking for new talent, and Mr. Magloire creates clean, contemporary work that also has an old-fashioned respect for ballet steps and etiquette.

But somehow Mr. Magloire, who presents his New Chamber Ballet a handful of times a year at Studio 4 in City Center, seems to remain in his own self-contained world.

Based on the review, Magloire is a choreographer whose work I'd like the chance to see. The austerity and the occasional failures of of focus and momentum in some of his his work, mentioned by Sulcas, might be due to the lack of resources (few dancers, no scenery, basic lighting) rather than to the choreographer's own choice or limitations.

Everyone nowadays is complaining of scarcity of ballet choreographers of interest AND commitment to the classical vocabulary. Magloire seems to have both qualities. Wouldn't you expect that there would be a great deal toattract a ballet company to working with Magloire?

Has anyone seen performances of Magloire's work? Any thoughts?

Bare Bones, Fleshed Out with Music

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I only knew Magloire as a class accompanist at Steps who took dance classes himself every week. He was a beginning ballet student, as I understood it, and certainly looked it. I was intrigued to read of his venture into choreography and wondered how his pieces looked, seeing as they must have an interesting connection to the music they are performed to, given his background. (Steps always had several of his CD's for sale in their little shop.)

I'd be interested to hear more critiques of his work, too. Not living in NY, I've never seen any performed.

Here is a link to his bio. An interview follows. I learned a lot about him from reading it!

Miro Magloire

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