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Tamara Toumanova as The Doll in Petroushka-(clip).


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Ah, lovely! What a special treat to see Alberto Alonso, as well. Thank you, Cristian! :bow:

Yes indeed. Just until his recent death, Alberto was still active staging and teaching down here in Florida. In his documentary there's a segment where he asks his students if they knew who Fokine was, and astonished at watching the general low knowledge level on the matters, he then proceeds to explain his involvement with the role of Petroushka, for which he was personally rehearsed by the choreographer. Cuba had the honor to get Mr. Alonso to stage all those choreographies just as he had learned them first hand while he was with the BRdMC. Chopiniana was one that he always took a very special, personal care off...and I feel lucky to have witnessed that very staging many times. That's why in between Alberto's stagings from his BRdMC days, Mme. Alonso's BT repertoire and Mary Skeaping stagings of Swan Lake, Giselle and The Nutcracker, the Cuban company got quite a great bulk of works, many of which have survived 'till today.

But back to Toumanova... :thumbsup:

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