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Mel, you're right about Google. In 5 seconds I found the dance clip. Hayden was my first "favorite ballerina," so it's great to see this again. (I had even forgotten it existed.) The early part her solo is a kind of dancing that didn't come naturally. Hayden was NOT one of Nature's Giselles. Myrthe, perhaps. :wink: What she did well, she did with great command, bravura, consistency. I still rank her Firebird as one of my 4 or 5 all-time favorite ballet performances.

At about 5:00 in this video the tempo picks up and you can see strong technique and gift for visual statement much better.

It's great to watch Andre Eglevsky. He had come and gone at NYCB before I started attending. I love the solo. You expect the technical command. But I was pleasantly surprised by the finesse. Those entrechats, for instance.

It's too bad that some of his other YouTube stuff, from the early days of television, is poorly filmed. The selections from Scotch Symphony, with Tallchief, for example.


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