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New DVD POB Siddhartha Le Riche/Dupont

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:jawdrop: I bought my copy of Siddharta, and sat down to watch it, I thought it was awful. Having decided not to go to Paris to see it, I was glad I changed my mind, as it is a total waste of money.

I cannot help wondering what is happening to Angelin Prodjocal's choreography when you compare it to his Le Parc (which started to show his weird ideas, Gardenerrs with goggles and the sound of a lawnmower and lovers) It is a big disapointment. The DVD is as the excerp very dark in places, and the production seems to have fallen foul of the Lighting design at the Paris Opera.Who seem to think that a melodramtic subject has to be performed almost in darrkness. Actually Waltz's Berloiz Romeo and Juliette was almost shown with a blacked out stage that made it impossible to see the Dancers.

What a wonderful opportuinity the Creators missed with this work. When you consider the beautiful colours and materials in Indian culture it is very sad we are presentexd with this result.

The storyline is pretty dismal, and does not represent the subject. The "Evil" Bikers guys in tight black/grey bodysuits wearing crash helmets, the weird structures that Gautama and his cousin are seduced on, which slide back and forth do not represent anything recognisable, just a collectionof scrap metal, wheels and a couple of platforms. The best part is Aurelie Dupont as the Enlightenment and her attendants who looks graceful and lovely as usual. The Costumes are pretty basic a few yards of filmsy tule and leotards, rather dull peasants costumes and guys in skirts. The Seductess's wearing strange cropped tops with swimsuit bottoms.

The music is noisy without much melody a lot of disjointed notes that start and never go anywhere. A huge orchestra to play what seems like half finished music. A largish percussion group that imitates authentic Indian music, which ends up failing to sound like anything to do with the theme. Finally The BODHI TREE that played a major part in the Buddhi's journey from a Prince to a Diety is non exsistant. I have watched this DVD 4 times now, and still cannot really appreciate it. One I would easily give a miss.

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