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Bolshoi "Giselle" transmitted live tomorrow at 11 a.m. (EST)

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I am going to the showing at Big Cinemas tomorrow of a "Class Concert/Giselle" presented by the Bolshoi. This is a live HD transmission on Sunday at 11 a.m.(EST):


239 E 59th St

New York, NY 10022

(212) 371-6683

These have been poorly sold and I like the location and seating better than Symphony Space. The theater usually shows Indian movies and has stadium seating an big seats. The tickets are $25.00 and can be gotten easily at the last minute. Anyway, a heads up for all NYC Ballet Talkers who I hope to meet and chat with in person, enjoy.

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I'm not in New York, nor will I be able to go and see this program (I have to do an exam on Monday and really cannot go unfortunately); I just wanted to come in and ask if you would be so good to report back about it? :beg:

Thank you in advance! :)

Lidewij, this isn't being shown just in the United States or NYC - check the Emerging Pictures website and plug in your city or country for local screenings. I will definitely report and so will Canbelto who is coming with me!

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Likewise, as it happens. I checked - thank you for the post, FauxPas, that was no faux pas (sorry, couldn't resist), I wouldn't have known otherwise - but considering the hour's driving time from where I live, the show times are awkward. (Both for the Bolshoi, at 10 AM CST, and the "encore" performance by the Royal, at 7:30 PM mid-week.) I'll look forward to reports, not only about the performance but how well the transmission lets you get into it, or how much it interferes, like with distracting camera-work or bad sound reproduction. Good luck with that aspect!

(The nearest locations to Chicago for these showings are in DeKalb, Illinois and Elkhart, Indiana, places which I tend to think of as rural centers, rather than in this metropolitan area of some millions, with local appearances of ballet and opera, not to mention lots of classical concerts. I'm surprised; I'd have thought the audience - read market - was closer to home, but maybe the local competition is exactly the problem.)

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