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Kennedy Center performances

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I went to last night's performance (2nd night of the mixed bill). It was fantastic and incredibly well attended, with only a smattering of empty seats in the middle of the 2nd Tier. Orchestra and Box levels seemed full.

Theme & Variations - I expected the technical greatness and musicality of Hernan Cornejo but wasn't holding out much hope for Sarah Lane. (I had originally bought the ticket to see Michelle Wiles (w/ Stearns) as was none-too-thrilled at the switcheroo a couple of weeks ago.) I was delightfully surprised by the petite beauty, sparkle and elan of Sarah Lane. Other than some not-quite-finished double pirouettes in her last solo before the pdd, she was brilliant. The four demi-solo ladies were great, with extra kudos for Misty Copeland. Only the corps men sounded a discordant note, not very uniform in their leaps, each gent doing his own thing but, hey, they had to wait backstage forever before their big moment in the finale.

Lilac Garden - Again, a switcheroo kept me from seeing a favorite in a leading role but I ended up not in the least disappointed. Melanie Hamrick danced Caroline in place of the originally-announced Stella Abrera. Hamrick is a true beauty, becoming a very fine dancing actress. But it was the 'Other Lady' of the story, Veronika Part, who sizzled. The male leads were fine, if not extraordinary. My biggest complaints here go to the dark set - nothing resembling a garden could be seen from 2nd Tier -- and the El-Cheapo-looking new versions of the original 1940s costumes (which, thank goodness, can still be admired at New York Theater Ballet).

Duo Concertant - Ricetto and, especially, Hallberg were wonderful in only the 2nd ABT performance of the work. Hallberg, in particular, was very moving. He has truly become one of the great male dance artists of our time. The spotlighted finale of this work never fails to strike a romantic chord in my heart.

Fancy Free - This is always a jazzy audience pleaser. Marcello Gomes stole the show, IMO, as the 3rd (rhumba solo) sailor, although the other two were mighty fine (as per the playbill, Salstein and Radetsky, but Sailor #2 didn't at all resemble Radetsky; I am guessing Lopez). Kristi Boone sparkled as the lady with the red purse. Julie Kent went through the motions as the lady in purple.

In the 'Hint-Hint' Department: The playbill gives the full cast for all of the other nights in ABT's run, including the BRIGHT STREAM performances. Martine Van Hamel will dance/act the meaty role of the 'Old Lady Dacha Dweller' on Friday and Saturday nights. Be there or be square!

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