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Obraztsova - Odette/Odile Debut

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Huzzah! She is simply a joy to watch! It's too bad she's not on the roster for Giselle at Kennedy Center next month (me being selfish).

She will be at a Malakhov & Friends gala in Berlin at the time of the KennCen Giselle.

Hoorah for Obraztsova - finally Odette-Odile! It's about time. Expect classical purity instead of stork-like extensions.

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Do I notice a STRONG resemblance with Kirkland...?

I thought that as well, but when she tilts her head sideways, I think of a young Audrey Hepburn (who was also trained in dance)

I also thought of Kirkland watching this clip, not overwhelmingly--but a bit...Hope to see Obraztsova live one day (though I think it unlikely I will).

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She's lovely. I agree with both the Kirkland and the Hepburn comparisons.

OFF TOPIC: In the shots in the rehearsal studio, are those the black dress forms for Kylian's Petite Morte? Or are the from the Stanislavsky's Swan Lake Act III?

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Having read and on this very board ( here ) about moscovites throwing brooms and what not at performing artists on stage, let us hope that whatever they throw (if they do indeed) safely flies over and way above Evgenia's pretty head.

She is lovely in the video!

PS. It appears to me that Obraztsova finishes her arabesques sideways rather than straight back, perhaps because it is more difficult to do them en tournant.

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of her Odile has appeared on Youtube! :)

Thank you so much for this :flowers: :flowers:

Obratzova has wonderful detail in her hands, expression, and timing. Her gifts were clear in the "Ballerina" film, when she was just a second year. There is something so finished and complete about her dancing. How I wish I could have been there!

I really like Chudin as well. He has lovely free leg position in his pirouettes and lovely ballon. I love how in his variation he is dancing for her, not just an academic or show-off exercise, and it's so full of surrender. I also love how the nationals swirl around Odette and Siegfried, like the swans will in the next act.

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Sorry for not sharing your enthusiasm, guys. I have watched the video most carefully: Obraztsova's arms are floppy, shoulders drooping and the pirouettes are positively epileptic. Not awful, of course, but hardly a revelation I was hoping for. Semen Chudin, on the other hand, is a pleasant surprise.

PS. of course, this is only my impression and I hope it is OK to express one (?)

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Semen Chudin, on the other hand, is a pleasant surprise.

I take it Chudin is the Siegfried? Actually I found his habit of flinging his head backwards for emphasis got old pretty quickly. It seemed like an instant mannerism.

Actually, I thought he was even floppier and more brittle than Obraztsova.

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PS. of course, this is only my impression and I hope it is OK to express one (?)

Opinions and impressions are fine, when they are backed up; you described what you saw, even if others of us saw the performance differently.

It's agendas that are not.

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