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Peter Martins Arrested on DWI

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The Associated Press is reporting that Peter Martins was charged with DWI at 2 AM on New Year's Day at a checkpoint in Yonkers, New York. The AP also reports that Martins issued a statement through a spokesperson stating that he will not discuss the matter.

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Another article, from Wall Street Journal Online:


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Oops. Sorry! I was responding to Papeeteepatrick's query, directly above, and the rapidity of the earlier incident came to mind. I don't know why...

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I'm not in any way excusing Martins or making a case for DUI, however it's a sad fact that during that two week period of Xmas & New Year drink driving incidents are 66% higher on a daily basis than at any other time of the year. It's that deadly combo of seasonal bonhomie, parties, reduced public transport and relatively empty roads.

I've no doubt that he won't do it again, and it would appear that he was stopped in a police checkpoint/dragnet set up to catch seasonal DUI. I suppose the best way to look at it is that no one was hurt, no accidents occurred - and a sobering reminder that it can happen to anyone and to either appoint a designated driver or book a taxi.

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Ballet Chief Refused Breathalyzer Test
More follow-up from the WSJ -->here.

This one has more specifics. I hadn't known you could refuse a Breathalyzer, so I suppose, in doing so, one balances the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. But there was a 'sobriety test' he took and also what they saw of the car not being under control, so we'll see what the legal consequences are.

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