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Winter Season Casting

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I understand that on January 10 NYCB will begin posting the casting for the winter season. I do know that Joaquin de Luz will dance in the principal role of The Prodigal Son for the January 22 evening performance as part of Mr. B's birthday celebration.

Anyone else have any insights to share on winter season casting?

Bouder posted her first week schedule on twitter & facebook - dancing with De Luz in Valse Fantasie opening night, then Thursday Jan 20 in Concerto DSCH & Saturday evening Jan 22- Stars and Stripes with Veyette


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I understand that on January 10 NYCB will begin posting the casting for the winter season. [unofficial casting info snipped]

Anyone else have any insights to share on winter season casting?

Maybe a little OT, but while we're waiting for the official casting list, is there any casting you're expecting -- or even better, hoping -- to see?

I was poring over the schedule plotting a ticket exchange, noticed Mozartiana, and thought "Hmmm ... Has Sara Mearns done that yet?" It's something I'd love to see, even if it didn't really work.

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Slant - don't sweat it, every dog gets one bite :)

Kosher sources are the official casting, any printed source from official media, and the official pages of a company or a dancer (i.e., if Diana Vishneva announces on her website she's doing a gala, it's official.)

Word of mouth, even excellent word-of-mouth is not kosher.

The rules live here -

Welcome to Ballet Alert and keep posting :)

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I'm just hoping that when casting comes out we see some of the injured dancers return to action. Specifically, I'll be hoping to see Kaitlyn Gilliland and Kathryn Morgan. Fingers crossed!

Just noticed that Rachel Rutherford is listed for N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz. I hope that means she's back.

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This email just came through a moment ago from NYCB. Hope I post it properly. Some casting changes and surprises!


Thanks so much for posting this info. I'm surprised Mearns/Angle are doing SL on Friday and Sunday. I thought they would rotate the cast because of the demanding nature of the lead roles. Sara better eat her Wheaties during that time period. I wish I could attend the Suozzi/Mearns Prodigal, but I will be in DC at the Kirov Giselle. Reports, please, from anyone who goes.

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Also a large amount of cast changes this week, notably Chase Finlay's debut in Divert. on Thurs. night.

From the company -

Tuesday, February 1 at 7:30 pm

Outlier: Bouder, Kowroski, T. Peck, Hyltin, Whelan, Ramasar, R. Fairchild, Alberda (replaces Garcia), De Luz, Tworzyanski, Hall

Wednesday, February 2 at 7:30 pm

The Four Temperaments: Wellington, *Catazaro, Hankes, *Applebaum, LeCrone, *Tworzyanski (replaces J. Peck), Marcovici, A. Stafford, J. Angle, Ramasar, *Lowery

Thursday, February 3 at 8:00 pm

Divertimento No. 15: Scheller, Hyltin, *Taylor, A. Stafford, Bouder, *Finlay (replaces J. Stafford), *Peiffer, *Applebaum

Saturday, February 5 at 8:00 pm

Cortege Hongrois: Scheller, Askegard (replaces J. Stafford), Laracey, Hankes, Lowery, *la Cour

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I'm pleased to see that the list (and the one for the following week) includes some dancers that really shone this past weekend: Scheller, Suozzi, Krohn, Scordato, Perira, Tworzyanski, Applebaum, Alberda and Finlay. I hadn't thought, for example, that Krohn could be soft and lyrical and musical (I didn't like her performance in Cortege Hongrois), but she was really lovely and soulful in Dances at a Gathering as the girl in Lilac. It was also great to see Megan LeCrone back (and great to see Symphony in 3 Movements back, too!) I had noticed Scordato in Concerto DSCH, but didn't know who he was, until I figured it out the next night. I don't see Dances at a Gathering again... too bad, Hyltin was sunny and bright: just perfect for the girl in Apricot.

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