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rg's Photos-2011

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Alexandra Danilova as the Sleepwalker and Frederick Franklin as The Poet in Balanchine's Night Shadow (Added 5 Jan 11)

Frank Hobi and Ruthanna Boris in the Blackamoors' Dance from Balanchine's Night Shadow (Added 5 Jan 11)

Two Masked Ball Dancers, As a Fan and Fish, from Balanchine's Night Shadow (Added 5 Jan 11)

Broadside of Opera and Ballet Performances in London, 15 December 1832 (Added 3 Feb 11)

Mia Slavenska as Natalie Karine the Film Le Morte du Cygne (Ballerina in the US) (Added 3 Feb 11)

Anna Pavlova and Aleksandr Volinine in Ivan Clustine's Snowflakes (Added 9 Feb 11)

Annabelle Lyon as Queen of Hearts and William Dollar as The Joker in Card Party (Added 14 Feb 11)

Steven Caras Photo of Patricia McBride and Mikhail Baryshnikov in La Sonnambula (Added 18 Feb 11)

Suzanne Farrell and Corps as the Royal Canadian Air Force Regiment in Union Jack (Added 19 Feb 11)

Suzanne Farrell as The Siren in Prodigal Son (Added 22 Feb 11)

Illustrations of an 1853 Fire at the Bolshoi Theater (Added 25 Feb 11)

Allegra Kent in Star and Stripes (Added 28 Feb 11)

Tamara Grigorieva s "The Hand of Fate" in Cotillon (Added 2 Mar 11)

Candle from George Balanchine's Funeral Service (added 3 Mar 11)

Program Notes from John Neumeier's Lady of the Camellias (Added 3 Mar 11)

Igor Youskevitch (Added 7 Mar 11)

Suzanne Farrell in an Advertisement for the Nina Ricci perfume "L'air du temps" (Added 7 Mar 11)

Marie Vernon, Goddaughter of Theophile Gautier (Added 9 Mar 11)

Nikolai Hubbe and Lloyd Riggins in Jockey Dance (Added 11 Mar 11)

Paris Opera Ballet's Micheline Bardin and Max Bozzoni (Added 11 Mar 11)

Anna Pavlova as Fenella in The Dumb Girl of Portici (Added 13 Mar 11)

Alla Sizova as Aurora (Added 14 Mar 11)

Vera Zorina, Lew Christensen, and Corps in the Swan Lake Scene from the Movie I Was an Adventuress (Added 14 Mar 11)

Rebekah Harkness Announcing "Ballet Farm for Men" (Added 14 Mar 11)

La Source (Added 14 Mar 11)

Carlotta Brianza (Added 2 Apr 11)

"L'Etang Fleuri" from Nemea (Added 2 Apr 11)

Catherine and Dorothie Littlefield (Added 11 Apr 11)

Tamara Toumanova (Added 11 Apr 11)

"Dinner with Balanchine", 27 June 1993, Program, Correction Slip, and Schedule (Added 19 Apr 11)

Alicia Alonso and John Kriza as Lisette and Colin in La Fille Mal Gardee (Added 21 Apr 11)

Photo Including Balanchine During the Production of the Broadway Show "The Lady from Across" (Added 25 Apr 11)

Six Bolshoi Ballerinas Land at Idlewild for First NYC Tour in 1959 (Added 9 May 11)

Taisiya Nikolaevna Kasatkina by the Legat Brothers (Added 17 May 11)

Allegra Kent and Jacques d'Amboise in Balanchine's Swan Lake (Added 23 May 11)

Vera Zorina in On Your Toes (Added 7 June 11)

Opening Night Curtain Call, Bolshoi Ballet at the Old Metropolitan Opera House, April 1959 (Added 7 June 11)

Nora Kaye and Igor Youskevitch, "Black Swan" (Added 17 Jun 11)

Suzanne Farrell in Chicago City Ballet's Production of Cinderella (Added 25 Jun 11)

Kenneth MacMillan, Frederick Ashton, and Margot Fonteyn in Ashton's Cinderella (Added 25 June 11)

Allegra Kent and John Clifford in Dances at a Gathering (Added 25 June 11)

"Principals of de Diaghileff's Ballet Russe" (Alexandra Wassilevska, Valentine Kachouba, Flore Revalles, Lubov Tchernichowa) and Serge de Diaghileff (Added 25 Jun 11)

"Waltz of the Snowflakes", New York City Ballet (1958) (Added 25 Jun 11)

Vera Zorina in On Your Toes (Added 26 Jun 11)

Alicia Alonso in Fall River Legend (Added 1 Jul 11)

Alicia Alonso in Black Swan "Pas de Deux" (Added 1 Jul 11)

Eglevsky and Toumanova in Massine's Labyrinth (Added 6 Jul 11)

Balanchine Working with Dancers in The Figure in the Carpet (Added 8 Jul 11)

Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in Balanchine's Poker Game (Added 18 Jul 11)

Ballet Russe in Poker Game (Added 19 Jul 11)

Alicia Markova and Her King in Poker Game (Added 19 Jul 11)

Alicia Markova in Poker Game (Added 19 Jul 11)

Alicia Alonso as Lizzie Borden in Fall River Legend (Added 20 Jul 11)

Poster Depicting Swan Lake for an Open Air Performance in Moscow's Gorki Park (Added 20 Jul 11)

Finale of Folkine's Bluebeard (Added 20 Jul 10)

Two Illustrations of the Premiere of Raymonda (Added 21 Jul 11)

Metropolitan Opera Auditorium for 1959 Bolshoi Ballet Opening Night (Added 23 Jul 11)

Cafe Society with Joseph Johnson as The Champ and Dorothy Swain as The Chorine (Added 24 Jul 11)

Ladies' Better Dresses (Added 24 Jul 11)

Kay Mazzo and John Jones in Jerome Robbins' Afternoon of a Faun (Added 25 Jul 11)

Margot Fonteyn and Michael Somes in Rehearsal (Added 30 Jul 11)

Moira Shearer as Titania in rehearsal for an Old Vic Production of A Midsummer Night's Dream (Added 30 Jul 11)

Tableau from Max Reinhardt's Production of A Midsummer Night's Dream (Added 1 Aug 11)

Sergei Berezhnoi and Tatiana Terekhova in Diana and Acteon Pas de Deux (Added 4 Aug 11)

Sergei Berezhnoi and Irina Kolpakova in Giselle (Added 4 Aug 11)

Pages of Programs from Ballets USA Tour to St. Louis in 1958 (Added 10 Aug 11)

Niels Bjorn Larsen as Tybalt in Ashton's Romeo and Juliet (Added 16 Aug 11)

Gelsey Kirkland and Ivan Nagy in The Sleeping Beauty (Added 16 Aug 11)

Moira Shearer and Lucia Chase in the Crush Bar at Royal Opera House (Added 20 Aug 11)

Moira Shearer and Michael Somes in Cinderella (Added 23 Aug 11)

Alicia Alonso as Lisette, John Kriza as Colin, and Edward Caton as Simone in La Fille mal gardee (Added 24 Aug 11)

Norma Vance and Dmitri Romanoff in the Pas de Deux from Les Patineurs (Added 24 Aug 11)

Members of the Littlefield Ballet and Caption with Dancer IDs (Added 25 Aug 11)

Vera Zorina and Charles Laskey in "Princess Zenobia" from On Your Toes (Added 28 Aug)

Ray Bolger, Tamara Geva and George Church in "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue: from On Your Toes (Added 28 Aug)

Leningrad Kirov Ballet in The Sleeping Beauty (Added 29 Aug 11)

Peter Martins' Farewell Performance, the 1000th NYCB Performance of Balanchine's The Nutcracker (Added 1 Sep 11)

Mikhail Baryshnikov in The Prodigal Son (Added 11 Sep 11)

Andrei Eglevsky in Helen of Troy (Added 11 Sep 11)

Nancy Unger and Ivan Allen in Swan Lake (Added 12 Sep 11

Ballets: USA on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in "Mistake Waltz" from The Concert (Added 12 Sep 11)

1975 ABT Gala to Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of National Ballet of Canada (Added 18 Sep 11)

Asylmuratova Sleeping Beauty Cover Photo from Kultur Recording (Added 20 Sep 11)

Anna Platonovna Domershchikova (Added 23 Sep 11)

Natalia Makarova and Mikhail Baryshnikov Backstage After Baryshnikov's US Debut in Giselle (Added 30 Sep 11)

Margot Fonteyn and David Blair in Paul Czinner's Film of The Sleeping Beauty (Added 30 Sep 11)

Margot Fonteyn and Michael Somes in Paul Czinner's Film of Ondine (Added 30 Sep 11)

Scan of the Program Insert for the Jerome Robbins Award 2011 (Added 1 Oct 11)

Photos from the Presentation of the Jerome Robbins Award 2011 with Chita Rivera at the Lectern (Added 1 Oct 11)

Andre Eglevsky as the Spectre (Added 17 Oct 11)

Nijinski in the Costume That Caused His Dismissal (Added 18 Oct 11)

Beryl Grey as the Lilac Fairy (Added 24 Oct 11)

The Last Act of Frederick Ashton's Cinderella (Added 26 Oct 11)

Tamara Toumanova in Les Sylphides (Added 31 Oct 11

Photos, Monitor Shots, and Invitation to the Private Reception to Celebrate the Gift of the Baryshnikov Archive to the New York Public Library (Added 2 Nov 11)

Marie Jeanne in Les Sylphides (Added 9 Nov 11)

Allegra Kent and Conrad Ludlow in Swan Lake (Added 15 Nov 11)

The Party Scene from Act I of Alexei Ratmansky's The Nutcracker (Added 25 Dec 11)

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