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Jacob's Pillow

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Does anyone have any information about Suzanne Farrell Ballet at Jacob's Pillow in March 2011? When, how to purchase tickets? Jacob's Pillow website is uninformative, and Kennedy Center website only mentions the company will be at Jacob's Pillow in March. Thank you for any help!

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I share your desire to see that troupe dance, Eileen, but I'm afraid the information you have found so far is correct - I think there are no plans for performances at Jacob's Pillow. *sigh*

I called Jacob's Pillow. Suzanne Farrell Ballet will be "in residency" at Jacob's Pillow in March, which means it's a sort of retreat for the company. At the end there is a performance, but only open to "supporters" of Jacob's Pillow, i.e., contributors at the $250 or higher level. So it's not open to the public. Sigh!

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