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SFB Promotions for 2011

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San Francisco Ballet - Promotions effective 1/5/11

I’ve read the ‘Rules’ and think it’s OK to post this, since the announcement is on SFB’s official Facebook Wall (whatever that is; just figured out Twitter; haven’t quite gotten the hang of Facebook yet :unsure: ). My apologies if I misread and this is an illegal post. Of course, please delete if it is.

Three very, very well deserved promotions from corps de ballet to soloist, effective January 5, 2011:

Courtney Elizabeth

Daniel Deivison-Oliveira (Here's a link to an Artist Spotlight interview with Deivison-Oliveira - select the Artist Spotlight tab and scroll down. Frankly, I don't think the videos here do him justice; he has a beautiful movement quality that doesn't really show up in these clips.)

Isaac Hernández

All three are still listed under the Corps de Ballet, so check back for full soloist bios at a later date.

Congratulations to all. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

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Any official company Facebook page is an official source. Dancers' public pages, where you have to click "like" to get updates, are also official. (What aren't are personal pages where you have to actually request to be someone's friend.)

I think everyone should be able to see the SFB company FB page with the announcement:


Thank you for posting such wonderful news, and :flowers: to Ms. Elizabeth, Mr. Deivison-Oliveira, and Mr. Hernandez.

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