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A very Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful Balletalerters! Hope you will all have a wonderful time. :tiphat:

Here, we have already celebrated the main Christmas as we have our festivities on Christmas Eve. Fun was had by all the family and I received some really lovely Christmas gifts. OK, I gave some gifts as well and I hope they were well received.

Now, the cat is snoozing peacefully underneath the Christmas tree and it is very cold here, 15 C. below zero. (Dont know

how much that is is F., but baby, its cold outside :mad: ).

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Pamela, your Swedish Christmas sounds more like the Stahlbaums than anybody's I've heard of! Made me think of some parts of Sweden I've wanted to see, including that beautiful house that Ingmar Bergman had at one time (or all his life, I just remember it from a bio on him, it was breathtaking), and some of the Swedes I've known here. I recently read that one of my old conservatory colleages, Staffan Scheja, is a professor at Royal Academy in Stockholm, and has founded a chamber music society in Gotland, which I've been told by others is a magnificent place. This has certainly been borne out by photos I've seen of it--lots of wonderful use of wood in homes I remember especially.

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I just came from a lovely Nochebuena with close friends and my mom. This is a Cuban celebration, which places the Christmas fiesta on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day. Actually, this is a very old tradition that comes from Spain. During my grandmother's times, the whole thing was to have a whole family reunion and a late, late dinner-(roasted pork, yucca, rice and beans, fried plantains, etc...all very greasy and yummy)-, and then, at midnight, they would all go to a midnight Mass nicknamed-(don't laugh)-The Rooster's Mass-(La Misa del Gallo)-, for which it was originally so long, that by the time it was over, the roosters would be out there, awake and singing already as the sunrise approached... :)

There are still some churches here that offer the midnight mass, but I'll pass on this tradition. Instead I'll go tomorrow, as I always do.

Temperature is cold in Miami...65 F.-(yes...that's cold for us down here... :D )


Christmas Carol "Resuenen Armoniosos" by late Baroque Cuban composer Esteban Salas-(1725-1803)


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