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Fonteyn/Somes SB Act III PDD clip-(1955)

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Yes, Christian, especially in comparison to the awful one I just saw filmed in Santiago, Chile, in 1982 with Bujones. He was truly beautiful and the only, the ONLY good thing about the production. Thanks. Last week there was a discussion about MacAuley's observations in a long interview of Fonteyn in the Grand Pas de deux. That discussion, and now this clip reveal an incredible wealth of video clips on You Tube. Will I ever have time to do anything else??

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I believe that clip is from a 1955 black and white telecast for American TV. It is a truncated 66 minute version---but of all the videos I have seen of Fonteyn in SB this is my favorite. It is the Fonteyn I saw in 1949 when she captivated New York. I wince when I have read comments that 'she has no feet'--take a look at this pdd.

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How marvelous!!!:clapping:

It's wonderful viewing the old greats in all their magical wonder. Those fish dives were incredible. I've always read that Michael Somes was a gifted partner. Watching this I understand why. Margot Fonteyn was totally safe in his hands.

On a side note...he looked pretty damn yummy in those tights too. But I know we're not supposed to notice those things. :innocent:

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Fonteyn really understood phrasing -- she knew when the image had to be ready. HThose fish dives are miracles of co-ordination, with the result that everything was in place before you could see what had happened, so all you can see is hte radiant conclusion.

And yes, indeed, Somes was Mr Yummy....

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