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The Canadian movie chains Cineplex, Ciné Enterprise (in Quebec) and Empire Theatres (in Atlantic Canada) will carry four performances by the Bolshoi Ballet beamed live from Moscow.

Sunday, December 19: The Nutcracker

Sunday, January 23: Class Concert & Giselle

Sunday, March 6: Don Quixote

Sunday, May 29: Coppelia

Near as I can tell, the performances will be shown live in Atlantic and eastern Canada at 11:00 a.m. ET/12:00 p.m. AT (12:30 in Newfoundland) and with a time delay further west.

I only wish with POB series were included as well. Thus far ballet performances at Canadian multiplexes haven't really caught on, but hopefully the Bolshoi will have better luck.


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I just came back from The Nutcracker. It was the Grigorivich production, and I've already said many times how I feel about this production, which I generally find charmless, overly busy, and rather ugly in production values. I still hate the business with the candelabras and Masha and the Prince being carried by the corps in the grand pas de deux. And there have been slight changes in the choreography -- Grigorivich now makes the Nutcracker "doll" in Act One an actual petite female dancer who gets carried around the stage. Thus, Masha is unable to play with her Nutcracker, as the Nutcracker gets dragged around by Drosselmeyer.

However, the difference between this live HD transmission and the previous videotapes were:

1. Much better lighting and photography. Previous videos made the already somewhat drab stage look way too dark, but with the improved lighting, the performance had a brighter, more festive look.

2. The costumes and sets have been spruced up quite a bit, and no longer look so dowdy and ill-fitting. Tutus are brighter colors (I like the new pink romantic tutus for the Waltz of the Flowers -- previous videos had them in a frosty blue.

3. The performances - Nina Kaptsova and Artem Ovcharkenko as Masha and the Prince were young, charming, very graceful, and gave the ballet a more youthful feel than previous videos. On the other hand, a total disaster happened with the Indian Dolls (Victoria Osipova, Ruslan Pronin). They were shaky from the start and during a lift she fell to the ground, hard, and were visibly shaken. Live transmission!

However, overall, a fun afternoon and it's always fun to see an actual live performance. The Bolshoi also looks incredibly strong as a company overall. Corps -- beautiful. Kaptsova is a real charmer too.

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This is one of the Manhattan venues for Don Quixote:


Please select "Try out our Express Box Office" on the upper right of the screen. The relevant theater is "NY -- Big Cinemas Manhattan".

Once a user then selects the date, she can go and reserve a ticket for $25 (total $26) by inputting credit card information. The viewing starts at 11 am and, like a theater, provides first come, first served seating.

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Did anyone see the Don Quixote screening? I was quite disappointed and would be interested to hear what others thought.

(Sorry, just realised I've probably posted this in the wrong place... not sure if I can delete it but I'll see if there's a thread elsewhere on this topic!)

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