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At the end of the Entertainment Weekly piece on ballet in film is this news tidbit:

And finally, news broke today that Chloë Moretz, Jackie Earle Haley, and Bailee Madison have joined Kristen Bell in Dance of the Mirlitons, a film about a curvy ballerina with a stage mom (Bell) who attempts to make it in the tough business. (Producer Daniel Dubiecki’s rep confirms The Hollywood Reporter‘s report with EW; Madison will play the ballerina, Moretz will play the class’ ace pupil, and Haley will play a sadistic Russian ballet teacher in the film, which will be helmed by Evan Greenberg.)

pop watch

Does anyone know anything about the actors involved?

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Kristen Bell played the eponymous character in the cult series 'Veronica Mars' and I believe she is the narrator of 'Gossip Girl'. Bell is blonde, petite and perky and IMO doesn't have a huge range as an actress. She was very good in the first season or two of 'Veronica Mars' but once the role had to grow-up and become more subtle/nuanced, it fell apart for me. I'm surprised she's being cast as a mother already. She's probably in her late twenties and looks younger.

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