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Article about Doug Fullington in The Seattle Times

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There was a wonderful article about Doug Fullington (doug on Ballet Talk) in today's Seattle Times about his role as Pacific Northwest Ballet's Casting Meister:


He's the guy who makes sure, in a show with nearly 300 cast members rotating through 187 roles in 38 performances, that each time, someone arrives to play Princess Pirlipat, Male Mouse No. 4 and Flower No. 16.

He's the one who gets the call when, say, the dancer playing the peacock is injured, meaning the dancer playing the lead female Moor may have to substitute, meaning someone in the Moors corps has to play the lead Moor, meaning a dancer in the corps of flowers gets moved to the corps of Moors ... Ack! It's enough to give anyone a headache.

But not Fullington.

:flowers: doug!

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