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Georgina Pazcoquin


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This relates to the topic of favorite dancers.

I love too many (past and present) to list, but I've seen Gina dance now for six-seven years, and she's a dynmao on stage. She can also act and sing as she did in "West Side Story" at NYCB.

I saw her dance brilliantly this past Sunday night at a dance performance Emery LeCrone produced at Manhattan Center for Art and Movement.

Question to Peter to whom I wrote today on this topic: Why isn't Gina a soloist?

Jim Mattimore

I would love your knowledgable feedback

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My husband and I have been big fan's of Gina Pazcoquin for years. Her performances are gems. She brings a depth and intelligence to everything she does. She is a tremendous asset to the company. I think that she has not been promoted because she doesn't have the kind of technique or look that would allow her to be cast in a lot of the soloist roles in the rep. When you look at the ballets and the kind of things the soloist women do, Gina doesn't really fit the bill.

I do love her in everything she's given and think she is very well cast.

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