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Lone Isaksen Dies at 68

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There was an obit for Lone Isaksen in The New York Times on November 13. She is described as

a Danish-born ballerina who brought a distinctive mix of traditional classical training and fierce projection to contemporary works in American companies like the Harkness Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet, died on Nov. 2 at her home in Manhattan. She was 68.
You can read the rest of article here .
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Thank you for the post. I had a picture of Lone Isaksen on my wall when I was a ballet student. She was a beautiful dancer, as one can see from the NYT photo. So sad that she died so young, just before her 69th birthday. May she rest in peace.

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I knew Lone well(many years ago)as a fellow member of the Harkness Ballet. To hear of her passing(too young) made me very sad. When you share many hours together in the studio- rehearsing, taking class, traveling on long tours, it feels as though you have lost a family member. She was very quiet, worked very very hard, I remember during a performance,her practicing piroettes over and over in the wings. She was a great role model for me (we were about the same height)she never missed class, and danced totally full out in rehearsals. I never saw her mark a step.I loved watching her in After Eden (Butler) and the Abyss (Hodes). She had an otherworldly quality to her dancing and a very individual approach to every piece that she danced. I remember a postcard that she had sent me (she was with the HET ballet at the time)telling me to audition for the Joffrey Ballet. I'm very grateful to have known her. May she rest in peace.

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