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Corella Ballet Castilla y León now in the USA

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Of course Carolina I am in Los Angeles with the company--we're even all staying in the same place which is only 2 blocks from the LAMC. The company arrived late on Nov.3rd and after such a long flight were quite tired, but seem to be adjusting and moving about well now. They've been assiduously attending class with Lazaro Carreno. Angel gave a master class Nov.3rd.

I had planned to show the trailer etc. like I did at NYCC last March, but the LAMC nixed it because the lobby monitors are only used for promoting upcoming performances. CBCL then delayed until a program insert was impossible. So now, not sure what is going to happen. The original inserts will be on an info table at the performances if anyone deigns to pick one up. I'm giving a presentation to 100 USC students on Nov.5th.

That's all for now, more later.

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