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Luca Veggetti To Be Next AD of Morphoses


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The NY Times is reporting that Morphoses will have a different artistic director in place each season. Luca Veggetti will be Artistic Director for next season. He will produce a full-length staging of Euripides’ “Bacchae” next season. He will collaborate with composer Paolo Aralla, performance artist/playwright Luca Scarlini and flutist Erin Lesser.

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Excerpts from their email:


LUCA VEGGETTI, FOR THE 2011-2012 SEASON Bacchae, an Original Production Based on Euripides' Play to

Inaugurate Morphoses' New Model

New York, NY - Morphoses, an innovative contemporary dance company based in New York City, announced today that acclaimed Italian choreographer and stage director Luca Veggetti will join the company as its first Resident Artistic Director for the 2011-2012 season. With Veggetti's appointment, Morphoses inaugurates a new model through which the company will welcome a different Resident Artistic Director each season. Drawing on her years of experience in the dance world, Morphoses Co-Founder and Director Lourdes Lopez will orchestrate this new approach to ensure the continuation of Morphoses vision: fostering the creation of new works that revitalize dance and broaden its scope through interdisciplinary collaboration.



process is partly inspired by Jerome Robbins' time with American Theater Laboratory (ATL). In 1966, Robbins sought to create an alternative to commercial theatrical production, exploring what he termed a "total theater" built on a "poetic" and non-realistic merging of dance, acting, and music created in workshop settings.
Morphoses will also work with The Drawing Center to co-commission a new collaboration between Veggetti and international visual artist Susan Hefuna as a part of Veggetti's tenure as Resident Artistic Director. Inspired by three of Susan Hefuna's multilayered, ink-on-tracing paper drawings and three new videos, this performance entitled, point-move-line, will capture the emerging energy of Hefuna's images into a live twenty-minute work, with performances in New York in November 2011.

For more information visit: www.morphoses.org

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Translating the The Bacchae as dance has some interesting problems - particularly the key mess up (the "noeud" that has to be "denouee" in the drama) when Dionysus appears on the scene and the King not only fails to recognize him, but persists in attempting to suppress the Dionysiac cult in his realm - leading the God to retaliate by driving the women in the city mad, and in the end to tear the King apart in their frenzied celebration. That's a little detailed for dumbshow or dance action to make clear. The final scene, on the other hand, when Pentheus' (if I remember the King's name) is torn apart is easily imagined on the stage. I look forward to seeing what they do with this.

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