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Mlle. Kyaksht

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scans of three illustrations from what seems to be a 1911 issue of "The Play Pictorial" (the year is printed nowhere in the magazine) documenting a production of SYLVIA at the Empire in which Mlle. Kyaksht performed the title role.

this production was choreographed by Fred Farren who performed as Pan in the staging.

the NYPL cat. entry follows:

Sylvia: Chor: Fred Farren; mus: Léo Delibes; lib & scen: C. Wilhelm. First perf: London, Empire Theatre, May 18, 1911.

post-848-008687000 1288810474_thumb.jpg

post-848-066450000 1288810481_thumb.jpg

post-848-041767600 1288810491_thumb.jpg

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What a beautiful portrait photo -- she has a Art Nouveau look, very much of the period. It's hard to believe that this is the same woman who appears in the 3rd photo -- and also in the Legat caricature you posted on another thread.

I Googled and came up with the following book -- The Art of the Ballet, Mark Edward Perugini. You can scroll backwards as well as forwards in the chapter on the Empire Theater for information on both Kyaksht and Ferren. Fascinating and (for me) completely unfamiliar. I'd love to learrn more.


Sylvia is mentioned on p. 303.

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