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Marina Victorovna Kondratieva born 1934


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Having watched the video of Margarita Perkun-Bebeziche posted by Mme. Hermine, I was moved by seeing Marina Victorovna Kondratieva discussing her one time pupil.

Thos wonderful dancer has not I believe,been much discussed on this site.

I was fortunate to have seen Marina Victorovna’s regrettably few performances in London.

For Geoffrey Whitlock’s brief biography see:


Video clips of her dancing and talking:


and with Yaroslav Sekh in Paganini, which regrettably has adverts before the clip see:-


Natalia Osipova pays tribute to Marina Victorovna in a Dance Magazine article written by Margaret Willis see: http://www.dancemagazine.com/issues/September-2008/Russian-Ambition

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