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SFB 2011 Season

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Quoted from San Francisco Ballet's October e-letter:

2011 Season Additional Performance Dates Added

We’ve added two performances for each of the three story ballets during the 2011 season:

Giselle - Feb 12, 8 pm | Feb 13, 2 pm

Coppelia - Feb 26, 8pm | Feb 27, 2 pm

The LIttle Mermaid - May 7, 8 pm | May 8 2 pm

Can't find this on the SFB web site, and the additional performances have not yet been added to the performance calendar, but here's a link for future reference: 2011 Season

There goes the almost-paid-off-at-last-so-maybe-I-can-retire-before-the-age-of-90 state of my credit card. :dry:

Go Phillies!

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