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Hello all! I found this site through the dancemom board, but my screenname was already taken:) If anyone here is from that board, I'm "momtodancinggirl" over there! My daughter is 10 3/4 and is in our city's ballet company. She takes ballet 4 times a week, as well as one lyrical and one jazz class. I hope to learn a lot from you all. Thanks so much!

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I'm glad you found us, daughterdances. You have registered on a discussion board oriented toward the many varied interests of the audience, and I hope you will browse through our forums and feel free to chirp in as you please.

There is another BalletTalk oriented to the special interests of dancers of all levels above the age of 13, their parents and teachers, and the technical and crafts people who support the performers. That is our sister board, BalletTalk for Dancers. It has sub-forums (under "Special Groups") especially for parents of young (under age 13) dancers and older dancers. I'm sure you'll find interesting discussions (and perhaps some friends) on that site. You'll have to register separately, and while we don't require it, we ask that members of both boards keep the same name.

If your daughter is over age 13, she may enjoy the Young Dancer forums (which are strictly moderated) on BalletTalk for Dancers. She can find the appropriate sub-forum in the "For Teens" section.

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