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Alicia Alonso Tribute


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It was a great evening - I hardly expected, but, Mme Alonso attended the tribute performance in London in person, and appeared at the stage at the curtain call (escorted by Sergei Polunin and Carlos Acosta) and even again after the curtain call (escorted by the director of RB and Carlos Acosta).

Before beginning the performance, the director announced, in a quavery voice, that Mme Alonso was present at the opera house. All the audience rose with a great cheer, and gave her a long standing ovation. She looked even more beautiful than June, wearing a black spangled outfit with the black sparkling headscarf, and two long strands of pearls. Everything shined beautifully and brightly under a light in the dark opera house, just like her herself in the ballet history. And, after seeing T&V, I think her sparkling outfit which seemed quite fit for T&V, a work created for her and the last program of tonight, might be her kind response to tonight's celebration - simply, my imagination, but, anyway, was in good harmony with other dancers' glittering tiaras/outfits on stage.

I was so happy to be able to see and give a standing ovation to her again when I came to know her more.

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