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The day we've all been waiting for.

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Wow, there has been some major photoshopping work done here. Her supporting foot and leg have especially been altered; the foot to resemble the depictions of Romantic dancers on the tiniest of pointes and the leg to straighten out the sunken knee cap.

But all in all this image suggests an appropriate vocation for Ms Somova; she would be perfect as the ballerina who rotates when the lid of a music box has been lifted.

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Perhaps it could by my lack of abilities on computers, but for some reason when I click a specific link-(let's say, her "schedule")-the page doesn't give me enough space to scroll that little button on the right all the way down to be able to finish the reading... :dunno:

I can't do it either. Her pictures also become too large and don't allow for a scroll-down.

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