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Balanchine's SWAN LAKE

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the scan of this undated publicity photo connects to the previously posted scan of the Pas de Neuf from Balanchine's SWAN LAKE as well to the recent post by Mme. Hermine of 1954 footage of SWAN LAKE Act II - credited "George Balanchine after Lev Ivanov" a kinescope originally released on "Tallchief in Montreal."

post-848-010091900 1285628988_thumb.jpg

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Barbara Milberg Fisher, who is in touch with a number of her sister and brother dancers from the era of the SWAN LAKE photos scanned here, has kindly polled her colleagues for help with identifying the dancers on stage in these two particular photos, and with especial help from Robert Barnett, who BMF says has an excellent memory for faces, even not-always-clear-ones like those in photos like these, she has provided me with a 'legend' and some identifications to go with them.

the scheme is:

Back line--girls on point--from left to right (stage right to stage left): 1 - 9

Downstage line--kneeling--left to right ( " " " "): 10 -11, 15 -17

Mounsey #12 Tallchief #13 Wilde #14

and the information, on which BMF and RB might still be working is:

1 Gloria Vauges, 2 Annette d'Amboise, 3 Una Kai, 4 Irene Larsson, 5 ? 6 Pat Savoia (?) 7 Barbara Bocher (?) 8 Edith Brozack

Front row: 1 Arlouene Case, 2 Edwina Siever, 3 Caroline George(?) 4 Jillana (?) 5 Connie Garfield, 6 ? 7 Ruth Sabotka

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