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Waltz of the Hours

Amy Reusch

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My daughter & some of her friends are dancing in the Waltz of the Hours, and are wondering what that might mean... and I'm trying to remember why there is a Waltz of the Hours...

I seem to remember hearing of some Renaissance fascination with the Hours, and music specific for certain times of days, prayers like ragas... but it's an illusion rather than an allusion because my memory just isn't forthcoming... seems to me there was something about different music for different hours... or The Horae... but what? why?

And then again there is that mechanical automaton theme at play here and those village clocks with the figures marching around... Australian Ballet's version seems to have the dancers emerge from a door (can't tell from the youtube video what door, whether it's a clock or a workshop)..

Much poking about on Google reveals no answers for me... no memory cues.. so...

Why is there a Waltz of the Hours in Coppelia?

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the town bell is being dedicated in the 'fete' that culminates the ballet.

the diverstissements are composed and choreographed (or were one assumes initially) to mark the various reasons the town bell would ring:

the tell the hour, ring in the morning, call to prayer, signal the start of work, to note a marriage, to tell of the declaration of war, and to announce a peace.

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