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Buy One Get One Free Tickets

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I was walking through Times Square the other day (usually a pretty aggravating experience) and someone handed me a postcard with Sara Mearns on it, advertising buy-one-get-one free tickets for the Fall Season.

The fine print on the postcard states the deal is restricted to Orchestra Sides and 3rd and 4th rings, but I just used the code online and the website offered half-price (that's how it works; not really "buy one get one free") tickets in the main orchestra and first ring too! (not the 2nd ring, strangely)

Anyway, the code is THO11

I thought I should post it here, since it's a killer deal. Just got my first ring, half price seats for thursday. Woo hoo! I never would've splurged for that section if they were full price. Moderators please remove if this is inappropriate.

Sara Mearns looks sexy and beautiful in the photos which are a bit casual/personal as many of you have commented on. They are clearly trying to lure in a younger, perhaps less classically inclined audience.

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