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5 Free books - if you pay for postage

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I have 5 used books -- duplicates in my collection -- that I would be happy to give to someone who would really enjoy them. I would only ask that you pay for postage, and not sell them for profit. Helene has OK'ed this.

If you would like any of these books, please PM me and I'll be happy to send them, though knowing me, it takes a while to get to the P.O.

The books are:

"NIJINSKY" BY Richard Buckle (a ratty old paperback that came apart in the middle - so it certainly couldn't be sold for profit!!)

"BUCKLE AT THE BALLET," 1980 Hardcover

"ONCE A DANCER" by Allegra Kent, 1987, Hardcover

"THE NEW YORK CITY BALLET" by Anatole Chujoy - kinda beat up Hardcover, 1953, first edition. This is a really great look at the first years of NYCB.

'THE PRIVATE WORLD OF BALLET" by John Gruen, Penguin reprint of the 1975 book.

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It was so nice of you to offer those books here, ViolinConcerto. I may follow your smart lead one of these days, but not for a good long while! In the meantime, I had not heard of the Chujoy book, but I'll be putting in an inter-library loan request for it now. Thanks for the inadvertent heads up.

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I just happened on the Chujoy book at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts back in 1978, when I first returned to NYC and got sucked into NYCB by a force stronger than myself (there are no 12 step programs for it). It was especially exciting because many of the people talked about were still alive and there for the bumping-into at Lincoln Center. I'm sure you can find it, even sometimes on eBay, and since I managed to find 2 copies of it just wandering around used book stores. There is always hope.

Good luck!

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