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Congratulations to Patricia Barker and to Royal New Zealand Ballet! :flowers:


The weather in New Zealand is a lot like the weather in Seattle, on the opposite latitude line :).  She'll be skipping summer in Michigan and going back to late Fall/winter in the southern hemisphere.

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10 hours ago, pherank said:


Congratulations to Ms. Barker. She looks a bit angry in that picture.  ;)


I think she looks quite a bit like Francia Russell in this image, though yes, on the stern side.


This should be an interesting move for her -- the NZ company has a fascinating history, with influences from Denmark and the US as well as the UK connection that you would expect in a Commonwealth country.

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I also remember him at the two extremes, too: in lead roles as that fabulous Puck and as Mercutio in the Maillot -- both "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and many versions of "Romeo and Juliet" are listed among his ten favorite dance works in this week's Pas de Chat podcast -- but also in the corps as a dancer who always drew my eye.  I'll never forget him crossing the stage in the first movement of "Glass Pieces," for example.


I still miss his dancing.

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11 hours ago, Helene said:

Carla Korbes performed this summer at the Vail International Dance Festival, and Michael Breeden and Rebecca King interviewed her for their Vail series.  She spoke about her decision to retire, and how she became part of LA Dance Project and on the faculty of Indiana University:



Thanks for this -- I'm still sad that she's gone.  I'll miss her in Emeralds this fall.

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Charles McCall will perform with his parents -- violist and cellist -- and his brother Henry Max, also a dancer, in a recital in St. Louis.



A talented bass-baritone as well, he just accepted a position in the ensemble of “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway. 


The article also says he danced as a soloist with New Zealand Ballet after he left PNB.



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From Dance Magazine, a short article on Septime Webre and Patricia Barker, who head new companies this season:



From the article:  Barker will continue to run Grand Rapids Ballet as well as New Zealand Ballet, until they can find a replacement for her at GRB.  Also, the operating budget to RNZB is over 5x the operating budget for GRB. 


And despite the title on the video, Barker was teaching class, not taking class ;)

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Septime Webre is also choreographing a new ballet, The Wizard of Oz. It's a co-production of Kansas City Ballet, Colorado Ballet, and Royal Winnepeg:



He choreographed the Alice (in Wonderland) which has been performed by several regional companies. I confess that I loved it when Colorado Ballet did this a couple  of years ago. Lots of fun choreography for soloists and principals, lots of children used in clever ways. My sister's grandchildren adored it and it was an easy sell-out.  This is the kind of ballet that keeps regional companies in the black. Kansas City is doing it next May and I hope Colorado gets it next.  

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I'm not a big fan of Dracula's, but I'm glad to see story ballets that can take the financial burden off Nutcracker, where one winter storm can devastate the year's box office.


Retired PNB Dancer Jessika Anspach once called Nutcracker a gateway drug, and, typically, that supply runs out by December.  More in the pipeline, especially recognizable stories, to take advantage of an audience, especially a young audience, is a good thing.


Co-producer are generally win-win-win [n] when everyone cooperates.

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