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A bit of fun from Stuttgart Ballet


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This test was created by Evan McKie, a principal dancer with The Stuttgart Ballet. He trained at the National Ballet School in Toronto and the Kirov Academy in Washington, D.C. He has also written for The Winger and Dance Magazine and is a friend of mine from back when he was a highly dedicated, passionate 14 year old ballet student and studied a summer with Nadia Veselova, with whom my daughter studied. He continues to be highly dedicated and passionate, a consummate dancer.

Here is the home page of his in-construction website:

Evan McKie

I think when I took this test right after he devised it last year, I was Tatiana!

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I had difficulty with the range of options and felt that I was contradicting myself from one question to the next. The result, I am ashamed to admit -- : the Joker from Jeu de Cartes. :smilie_mondieu:

The test may have confused my contradictions for deceit.

I certainly hope they are wrong. Or maybe I don't. :wink:

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I find Tatiana's husband especially sympathic; they have a beautiful pas de deux which shows a committment and makes Tatiana's mature choice obvious. However in 2002 I saw Nathen Coppen (no, not Kobborg) as Onegin at RB and I would have been hard pressed to resist him. Jeez!!


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