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This fall, to celebrate its 50th anniversary (a couple of years late), Vancouver Opera will present the commission "Lillian Alling":

A collaboration between composer John Estacio and librettist John Murrell, Lillian Alling depicts the story of a young woman who arrives in New York City from Russia in 1927 as an empty-handed immigrant. Steeped in mystery and haunted by a dark past, Lillian treks across North America in search of a man named Jozéf. Her expansive journey leads her to an eclectic assortment of characters and experiences, from a Norwegian farming community in North Dakota to a stint in Oakalla Prison Camp near Vancouver and into the heart of a BC "telegraph trail" lineman named Scotty. Based on legend and truth, this emotional tale of freedom, destiny, and courage is infused with the Canadian spirit and punctuated by Quebecoise soprano Frédérique Vézina's moving performance.

This morning's Vancouver Groupon is $58 (plus $2 handling fee) for a $110 ticket to any of the four performances, 16-23 October, in section C, which has some nice real estate in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on all levels. The description above is from the Groupon offer, and it isn't as cutesy as they tend to be.

I may have missed other tickets offered in other cities, since I've only been a member since Groupon launched in Vancouver, but this is a fine idea, especially since most Groupons can be gifted, and the recipient chooses the date.

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