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Suzanne Farrell Ballet webcast 30th September 2010

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The Suzanne Farrell Ballet has lately appeared on a list of upcoming webcasts from the Kennedy Center, in the Center's Millennium Stage series. This series presents a free performance every day of the year at 6:00 PM, usually in the foyer along the west side of the building. (Or maybe nearly every day; I don't remember if Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Days are excepted.)

I think nearly all Millennium Stage performances are webcast, but not all of these webcasts are archived, so if you haven't watched any of these, there are many opportunities to see if your setup does the job before what may be the only chance you get:

http://kennedy-center.org/programs/millennium/schedule.html (Scroll down this page; scroll way down!)

It looks like TSFB is planning an interesting and varied program to complement their upcoming season in the Center's Eisenhower Theater 17th - 21st November, as none of these items duplicate their later programs. Those who know Divertimento No. 15, though, may wonder what its "Pas d'Action" is. From past experience, I can say it usually turns out to be the Theme and Variations and Andante movements, "the heart of the matter," as Farrell has said.

In the meantime, there are those archived programs, which we've talked about before; I've posted some guides to navigating the videos in those threads at http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/24253-free-performance-of-rare-balanchine-23rd-february-2007-moved/ (Post #10) and http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/32054-free-kenncen-appearance-of-tsfb-july-19-2010/ (Post #5).

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Thanks for that final "Heads Up" about this event, kfw. It's good news, because not all TSFB's webcasts get archived, if memory serves, and it looks like they got this one up fast, too.

I've started another thread where I thought we might sort out who's who and talk about other stuff in the archived video:


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