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"The last performance", feat. former Cuban Prima...

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I will be attending the premiere of the theater play "The last performance" on August 27, 2010 at the Byron Carlyle Theater, in Miami Beach. This play will showcase former Cuban Primera Bailarina/Cuban ballet darling Rosario Suarez-(AKA Charin).


"The earliest encarnation of this play was a monologue written by one of the most important playwrights of the Cuban scene in recent decades, Mr. Abilio Estevez. This piece was the result of its author's love, respect and admiration for Rosario Suárez, as it was reflected in the author's dedication: "To Rosario Suárez, Charin, with the immense admiration of one who has met both the ballerina and the great friend." In his final version Estevez incorporates a second character, a teacher of wide spectrum who represents all those who have accompanied the dancer in various stages of her artistic and personal life, played by actor Julio Rodriguez. The challenge is continuous and mixed feelings are exposed. Phrases like "there something that the body learns only after a long time," "In Havana that there was nothing else...only you" and "I do not try to fly...I try to dance while I'm flying" or "dancing is to forget the past and the future ", make of this play a wonderful journey along the paths of success, fame, loneliness and sacrifice".


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