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Beyond THE LITTLE MERMAID of Denmark

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Tobi Tobias sent this link to a few colleagues with an interest in historic photos and prints and the like.

it shows a fountain sculpture for which three Danish dancers served as models, one of whom is Grete Ditlevsen - apparently the other dancers' names are named elsewhere on the site.

as TT pointed out, and as many know, the well-known Bournonville ballerina Juliette Price served as the model for Denmark's iconic, Hans Christian Andersen-inspired statue of The Little Mermaid.


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Thank you for linking to this beautiful slideshow! The two other dancers are Elna Jørgen Jensen Lauesgaard and Emilie Smith. Originally this fountain from 1910 was placed in the King's Garden in central Copenhagen, but in 1933 it was moved to Elsinor, where you can find it today, not far from Kronborg Castle.

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